Cupid's Itty Bitty Butt Plug

The Best Butt Plugs of 2018

Have you been considering spicing up your sex play in the bedroom and been looking for just the right butt plug to fill in the gap? You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for our review of the best butt plugs available to fill you up in 2018.

Basic Considerations – Size Does Matter

When preparing to choose your new butt plug there are many available variations of color, texture, size, and shape. In order to choose the best butt plug to satisfy yours and your partners bum, be sure to consider these important factors when choosing your next toy.


A plug that has a curved tip to make for easy insertion and removal and a wide base or easy grip handle. Regardless of what other options you’re looking for in a plug, these options are non-negotiable.

Choosing a plug with a wide base or easy grip handle will keep you from turning a deliciously sexy interlude into a scavenger hunt. In other words, you don’t want to risk losing the plug. (It happens.) Now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, let’s take a look at some of 2018’s best contenders.

Cupid’s Itty Bitty Butt Plug

This introductory butt plug is a beginners delight. This plug is just small enough to give you a taste of what taking your sex play to the next level feels like without being overly intimidating. This plug is made of silicon and has a curved tip for easy insertion and an easy grip handle for easy removal.

This small plug is inexpensive and a great way to stimulate you and your partner in an entirely new way.

Lovehoney 10 Function Vibrating Plug 4 inch

This 10 function plug is a step up. The Lovehoney adds even more stimulating sensations to your foreplay by adding in 10 levels of vibrating function. This T-Bar shaped plug offers a curved tip for easy insertion and a wide base for comfort. This intermediate plug is a larger plug designed for more experienced users looking for their next big thrill.

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